POSSIBLE is a place to tell real stories of addiction recovery and change. POSSIBLE is about people, choosing to make real change – telling their story and giving us all an understanding through their experiences. Inspiring others, celebrating successes and looking forward. Looking forward to a day where the stigma of addiction is gone and the real stories of the heros of recovery are there to encourage.

We will be adding stories of addiction recovery as regularly as we can. We would encourage you to share these stories and we invite you to share your own experiences to help open the dialogue and to help make change possible.

Our sincere thanks to those who have volunteered to tell their stories of recovery.


The ADSTV Foundation was created to support the agency by building a fund to be used as needed to finance ADSTV initiatives.

ADSTV has been a pioneer supporting individuals dealing with various forms of addiction.

The Possible campaign and the annual Stage For Change event is one such initiative. Often members of our community feel stigma, shame and fear about having problems. We want to share the stories of others who have changed behaviour to encourage everyone to see that it is possible to “just show up” and “just get started” with the first steps.


  • Michael Steele, Chairperson

  • Michael Blewett, Past Chairperson

  • Thomas Burnett, Treasurer

  • Danielle Urquhart, Secretary

  • Ian Hesketh