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I spent most of my life addicted to drugs and alcohol. I am 29 years old and I am six and a half years clean. I was addicted to drugs for 10 years; habitual non stop everyday substance abuser. There was nothing in the world that was more important to me or that even really [...]

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"Well it's a great day and a great new life that continues at all times. After being incarcerated at EMDC here in London I was privileged to be granted participant status in the LONDON DRUG TREATMENT PROGRAM. the day the universe changed! It's been a while now 3.5 yrs sober now. My exposure to Addiction [...]

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I was an overachieving, well rounded and sagacious undergraduate student. I majored in psychology, minored in biology and was an active member of the Psi Chi honor society. I was drawn to the study of psychology, and fascinated by the complexities of mental illness. I became certified as a research assistant and spent many hours [...]

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Drugs can not just change you on the inside but on the outside just as quickly. I will never forget (as much as I try) the first hit. I was never perfect, I was far from it. I however did know right from worng but this time for some reason the wrong seemed so right. I [...]

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As a young adult, partying was the name of the game, friends and family covered for you when you were sick because you did it for them...wondering where all the money went and why the relationships weren't working. After many years of struggles, i have now seen the light and can say sobriety IS POSSIBLE. [...]

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My name is Dylan and this is my story is about my addiction and recovery. I am addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I've been struggling with it since I was 15 and every day I would go to school high and drunk. I was a dealer so drugs were easy for me to get and [...]

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"This is a poem about my boyfriend and his recovering addiction. I wrote about what I went through and the episodes that occurred." ~ Anna BIRTH Addiction is him feeling lifeless and alone in the middle of bustling family dinners. Addiction is him popping 1,2,3 Vicodins in but telling himself that it's not as bad [...]

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Hello, I’m a grateful recovering alcoholic and addict named Ray. Thank you for inviting me to share this and I’ll get to why I label myself as grateful through this personal testimony of experience, strength and hope of how I recover daily from substance abuse. I choose to live completely free of all mood and [...]

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My name is Lisa and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. I have struggled with addiction for 20 years of my life. My drug(s) of choice were Oxycodone and Heroin, but I abused LSD, Cocaine and Methamphetamines. What you are about to read is in short my story. Some or most people would say [...]

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